Forest School, CPD & Inset Training

About the Forest School ethos 

Forest School is a highly beneficial learning ethos, based on a range of educational research from a variety of countries for over 70 years.

In its essence, Forest School breaks down into 6 key principles. 

  • Child-Led: The learners are responsible for their own learning, which may or may not come from a leader’s role modelling of activities. They can choose what and when they engage with.  
  • Risky: Forest School offers the opportunity to take risks in a monitored environment, so the learners can begin to manage their own risks.  
  • Natural setting: It takes place in an outdoor natural environment, such as a woodland, copse or school field.  
  • Holistic: The assessment of learners during Forest School focuses not only on academic ability, but also communication, social and emotional skills, as well as a spiritual element.  
  • Long term: Forest School takes place of a long period of time, to enable the development of relationships and tailor planning to each individual.  
  • Trained professional leading: Forest School needs to be led by a qualified Level 3 Forest School practitioner.  

As well as running Forest School sessions, I am also experienced in a range of other Outdoor Learning. As a currently employed primary school teacher, I am well placed to deliver a range of relevant and informed Inset and CPD on a range of outdoor learning topics. These include, but are not limited to: 


Getting Learning Outside – Why all types of outdoor learning are beneficial 

Assessing the Curriculum in Nature 

Design Technology Skills during Outdoor Learning 

Planning for an Outdoor Curriculum 

Pupil and Staff Wellbeing through Nature Contact 

Gain professional accreditation through these Recognised Qualification Framework certificates

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AIM Qualifications

RQF Forest School Training

- Level 1 (Introduction to Forest School)

- Level 2 (Forest School Assistant)

- Level 3 (Forest School Leaders)