Forest School research, CPD and INSET training

As both a Primary School teacher and Forest School leader, I am passionate about the way children are educated, and how they learn about and experience the world around them.

I firmly believe that the ethos of Forest School is entirely trasnferable to the non-woodland settings of everyday classroom practice. The key elements which enable successful learning in Forest School settings can be applied to teaching any subject to any age of learner.

Forest School Research: pedagogical approaches

Skills progression in tool use

Guide for Volunteers: Forest School ethos in a nutshell

Linked activities to skills development

The educational theories behind the Forest School ethos

Resilience, Independence and Emotional Awareness Progression

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Bluebell Bushcraft can also provide teacher training on a variety of outdoor learning practices, as well as assist in the development of a productive outdoor learning environment.

Consultancy fees are:

£299 per day - INSET Training

£49.90 per hour for development projects

,N.B. INSET and teacher training will not result in a formal "Forest School" qualification. The training we offer is on how to incorporate outdoor learning ethea into classroom settings, and how to develop and extend curriculae learning through access to outdoor learning environments.